Posted by: Henytenwepwawet | March 29, 2011

Absenteeism and Affirmations

So. I haven’t been around much on the House of Netjer forums. And by “much” I more or less mean “at all”. I’ve been actively moderating, but that’s not something that’s generally seen.

As a Shemsu-Ankh, I realise that this isn’t what is expected of me. I’m expected to be around (as much as one’s life will allow, anyway), support the community, help people, that kind of thing. The temple is my family in a very real way. I still believe that, but the ultimate fact is I took an oath to live by that.

I do have good reason for not being around. There are people around on the forums who make life very uncomfortable for me. They have a tendency to imitate, copy, or take, a lot of the things that I do, am or express online. They don’t harass me on the forums, I have no real wish to have them removed from them, I’m just not comfortable putting myself out there in a way that would invite that kind of behaviour.

I know this means I don’t take care of the community as much as I should. But my own health is important too, and that’s what I’m having to look after. I have had to take quite a few measures to withdraw from public life online for the sake of minimising the impact of this, for the sake of being able to ignore and forget it. It takes something out of me every time I have to deal with it, so I elect not to have to deal with it. I have had to choose to put my own well being first, and that has been difficult, painful even, but I think it’s been right.

That all said, I still take my role in Kemetic Orthodoxy very seriously. Everyone, from someone who just arrived to ask a couple of questions or read a little, to the people who have been there for years, is part of my family and part of my responsibility. Whether it’s providing what little advice, experience, or knowledge that I can, or being a sounding board or shoulder to cry on, it’s why I’m here, it’s what I believe in doing.

So basically I need people to know that I am still as present as I’ve ever been. You are welcome to contact me anytime, anyhow, through LJ, DW, my blog, or my messengers. Helping is why I’m here.